A season-transitional gap

I really didn’t mean to go nearly two months without a post, but life happened. Tooth drama has settled down a bit, and I’m hoping soon I can get a follow-up appointment to get my implant started.

My wife finally has her car, but she never got a remote starter installed when it was still winter, and that’s a whole fiasco. The dealership where she bought it gave her the runaround waiting to bring it back in, and it was going on 30 days since purchase, so she asked the dealership’s GM to give her something in writing to say they’d still honor the warranty. He agreed, but totally dropped the ball on communication—which was already going pretty badly, as my wife was bouncing between the salesman and the head of their service department. As a result she got a “loaner” she couldn’t use, the dealership tried looking at the car but decided they couldn’t figure it out and it was a Honda problem after all, they subbed it out to Honda, and ultimately it turned out to be a known issue for that model year with a loose door in the heater (indeed the blower motor was never broken). And when she got the car back, the map and interior lights didn’t work, so she was beyond pissed. Ultimately the Honda dealership that fixed the other problem took care of this directly, and the first dealership found new and exciting ways to piss her off even worse. Suffice it to say she’s never going back to the first dealership and will gladly warn anyone else away from here out.

(How bad did you screw up, Billy? Yuuuuuge.)

And then of course all kinds of other life stuff came up, and a lot of my personal projects fell by the wayside. In fact I’m still struggling with the book I’m working on. We had family issues, I got sick a few weeks ago, I had to deal with work problems, and then there was Easter and whatnot.

All of which is to say there isn’t a single compelling reason I haven’t posted, just that I’ve been busy and blog-worthy stuff hasn’t been coming by much. I’m hoping that will change in the near future and I can spin back up on things I let sit way too long. To be honest I do think winter blahs took a lot out of me.

In spite of that, spring madness hasn’t set upon me too badly, surprisingly. I haven’t felt jittery or anxious waiting for the end of winter, but I have longed for the weather to warm up again. We had some brief spots of nice temperatures, but it’s downright chilly this week and there’s no end in sight. I’m hoping at least I’ll be able to get a zoo day in this year, unlike last year which was a bust for a lot of reasons including my (at the time) messed-up foot. At least if everything pans out this year, we’ll have leaves on the trees by the time a zoo day comes. Trees are budding all around my neighborhood now, and there’s a good amount of sunshine today. But with the temperature in the 50s, that’s just nature mocking me.

Besides all the other life stuff, I’ve been looking into the possibility of intermittent fasting to help lose weight. It fits fairly closely with how my days lay out already, so in theory I can do that. In practice, it’s been highly recommended that I cut way back on carbs and exercise to help that work, but I don’t see either of those things happening except in moderation. To my credit, I passed up some gorgeous donuts on Sunday.

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