They stole my drink

Today, I am pissed.

The other day I went to Walmart to pick up a few things and thought I’d get more of the orange Crush water enhancer I like. It’s my current favorite and I’ve been drinking it for quite a while. It takes two squirts for me so it’s not 24 servings as it claims, more like 12, but I still like it. Walmart was, however, out.

Today I went to Wegmans, and this is where I got pissed off twice. First, Wegmans rearranged the store, AGAIN, for no reason. I hate it when they do that. They moved the bulk foods and shrunk them. They moved the drink mixes too, but I finally found those. Here, they had slots only for strawberry and grape Crush water flavors, and both of those were marked “Discontinued Item”.

Discontinued by the manufacturer, or is Wegmans simply dropping them? Either way, someone needs a slap.

Tried Walmart again: All flavors of the Crush water enhancer were out of stock. They had the seemingly new powder singles, which I actually considered—until I discovered those include aspartame, which hates me almost as much as I hate it, and by extension the terrible people who put it in things I want to eat or drink. (And also almost all gum, for some reason. Why can’t gum brands choose one sweetener and be done with it?)

Target was a complete bust.

I’m starting to wonder if the Crush liquid water enhancers have indeed been discontinued. You wouldn’t know it to see it online, except from availability on Amazon which is poor and also overpriced. The manufacturer’s site tells me nothing about this, which makes them less than useless.

I hate little more than when a product I enjoy goes off the market. I still carry grudges over several of them in particular. When I become a supervillain, there will be consequences.

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