When other developers are all stupid

“All” might be a strong word here before, but… wow.

I’ve railed against this problem before, and I’m railing again. I leave cookies disabled on all websites except by whitelist only. This obviously gets annoying for those newsletter popups you get everywhere, or those STUPID alerts so many websites do because of the stupid, stupid, stupid GDPR. (What a badly worded, poorly executed piece of trash; thanks for nothing, EU. Par for the course for the idiots running amuck in Brussels. No I don’t discuss politics on this blog, but it’s fair to say the morons laying down Internet law in Europe can’t be trusted to so much as flip burgers. Article 11 and Article 13 are both such disasters, I can’t think of a better word to describe their incompetence than criminal. But I digress.)

Anyway, having cookies disabled causes me problems on Firefox. I do, in part, blame Firefox for handling this badly; they really should have these situations fail silently instead of throwing JavaScript errors. But be that as it may, any time a website tries to do operations with something like localStorage, it fails. Many framework or modernizer scripts try to access this, and when they run into Firefox’s security error, the script dies instead of continuing. Again, partly Mozilla’s fault here, but I also put a great deal of blame on the many, many web developers who don’t test for this scenario and apparently aren’t even aware of it.

I mean heck, would I think of it if I didn’t already know about it? Maybe not. But what really pisses me off is that so, so many sites have this problem because of a script that’s shared among many of them. And the developers of those scripts should definitely be aware of this issue. Wrap that access to localStorage or IndexedDB in a try/catch, and everything is hunky dory. Do they do that? NO.


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