Campaign spam season (Screw you, Christine)

The 2020 presidential campaign is in full swing, and how do I know? Because once again I’m getting spam texts for “Christine”.

I mentioned in a couple of posts in 2016 that this was happening: It started with phone calls, but then graduated to text messages, at which point I figured out what was happening. Some dumb bimbo in New Hampshire either registered to vote or signed up for political activism using the wrong number: my cell number. Which is in the 315 area code for central New York, which as you may be aware is several hundred miles separated from New Hampshire.

Apparently I never mentioned it at the time, but last summer the campaign robotexts started up again. I got two of them for Christine, and both times I tried to respond I couldn’t get anyone to answer me or confirm I’d be taken off a list. One of them was from an activist organization that only identified itself by its initials, and I couldn’t find a phone number for them so I had to use forms on their website to contact them—and even then I never got an answer.

Well, last night one of the presidential campaigns robotexted me, this time with a poll where “Christine” could respond with a number indicating who she supported. I replied, hoping to reach an actual person, that this number was not and never had been Christine’s and please take me off the list.

To their credit, the campaign just sent me a follow-up text message a few minutes ago (18 hours after the fact, but it’s something) telling me they’d opt me out of text messaging. Good. Now if only they could contact whomever gave them the database they’re using, and get Christine removed from it, that’d be great.

My sneaking suspicion now is that Christine is on the NH voter rolls with my number, and I’m screwed as far as trying to find out where she’s registered and how to get my number taken off the lists. So I’m hating pretty hard on this girl right about now, to the point where I struggle not to use much stronger derogatory terms to express it.

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