Runny yolk sauce in small batches?

Last night my foot relapsed a bit so it’s been an iffy day, but yesterday before that everything was going really well. Perhaps I overdid it a little, or maybe this was just inevitable. I knew some setbacks would happen along the path to healing, so I’m just gonna roll with it. Fun discovery earlier this week: Undiscovered cat puke on the stairs is way worse when you discover it because your method of locomotion is sitting on your butt and scooting up a step at a time.

That was an unfortunate thing to mention because it ruined any chance of a segue into what I really wanted to talk about.

Last time I mentioned I have some ideas for working out a mac & cheese powder that can be blended with just water. Doesn’t have to be perfect; it just has to work on something simple and quick like ramen. But I got to looking into other powders.

It turns out you can buy pasteurized egg yolk powder. This reminded me of a video I saw recently, where it was revealed that you can create a runny yolk sauce by pasteurizing yolks sous vide, mixing with a little salt, and then straining them. This would be amazing on burgers and all sorts of other things. Problem is, you have to store it in the fridge and it doesn’t last all that long (by my standards); and if I used such a thing I’d want to serve it warm, the way runny egg yolks should be.

This whole concept is very dear to my heart. I have a passion for runny egg yolks. When I order eggs at a diner: always over easy. I like to make fried egg sandwiches for lunch, when I have bread in the house (and can stand), and I always go for over easy or maybe slightly over medium. Egg, slice of cheese, bread, and maybe some bacon if I have it already cooked, and that’s some good eats. I finally tried fried eggs on a burger and it takes burgers to a whole other level.

So here’s what I’m wondering: What if I had some of this yolk powder, and just mixed it with a bit of hot water and gave it a few minutes to rehydrate? I could be looking at an instant small-batch runny yolk sauce. And man does that sound amazing. Powdered egg yolks could solve all the problems that I found with the “large” batch recipe: shelf life (no longer an issue if I mix small batches), temperature (I’d be using it “fresh”), prep time, and of course having a bazillion egg whites left over that I’d probably never get around to using.

What would I use it on? Well burgers of course, for one. Maybe it’d make an interesting addition to a grilled cheese sandwich, in between the two (yes of course two) pieces of cheese. (A few weeks ago my wife and I took a weekend day trip to Rochester and ate dinner at Champps, where I had a grilled cheese with a fried egg and bacon in it. It was life-changing.) I think such a sauce would also be amazing on top of ramen, or even mixed in, giving depth to the dish.

But will it work? I have to order the powder on Amazon to find out, and to be honest I want to hold off on any deliveries till I’m in a good position to bring them inside, in case heat is destructive to them. For instance I need butter powder for the mac & cheese experiment, and I’m not about to order that and just let it sit.

(Meanwhile on a related note, I have raspberries—just a few that survived my misguided over-pruning, and I was thrilled to discover them—that are probably ripe to pick but I can’t walk out to pick them.)

It appears that once I’m well again, I’ll have to do a lot of experimenting. However that will likely abut the Fair, and that’s a whole other kind of food experience, so I might end up waiting on all of this till September. Not that I want to, just being realistic here. At least come sometime in September, I should have a tooth again.

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