Accessibility runs into money

I’ve reached an unfortunate conclusion: This is going to be an expensive Fair.

I can go to the Fair this year, but walking it is not going to happen. Which means scooter rental. Scooter rental is reasonably priced but it’s going to cost, and I think I’ll have to avoid going on any of the senior days in case there’s a risk of them running out.

On Sunday evening I decided to try going to Wegmans for milk, which involved walking in from the parking lot, to the back of the store (although in hindsight, I’m stupid and could’ve gotten milk from the case up front), and back. I had to walk very slowly and discovered that while my right foot handled it somewhat well, my left foot—which as you may recall is the more recently injured—didn’t like it. It twinged a couple of times if it moved wrong. For the first part of the day Monday, that foot was angry with me, but it did eventually settle down.

So yeah, walking potentially a couple of miles in a day is not going to happen yet. The Fair starts next week and I’m not ready to handle it on my own two feet. I can walk to and from a shuttle bus and get to the scooter rental place, but beyond that I don’t see a lot of success walking distances in my near future. It would be stupid to try.

But accepting that, I get to think about what I want to see, eat, and hopefully find at the Fair.

  • Pickle Barrel Sirloin Tips: A must. I can’t wait for some buttery steak and mushrooms.
  • Mini donuts: Because I can. Supposedly they’ll be in the same spot as last year.
  • Fried mac & cheese: Yes please!
  • Fried mashed potatoes: Also a given. The place that does these does little croquettes on a stick in either cheddar-and-bacon or garlic-and-herb flavors, or they’ll do two and two. Both are awesome.
  • Fried mushrooms: Never gotten them at the Fair, but maybe this year I should. I do love them after all.
  • Hot buttered corn on the cob: Although I love this, I think I should skip it. I won’t have my new tooth till after the Fair, I believe, so I don’t think it’s wise to get corn caught in my teeth just yet while I have the flat metal cap on top of the implant. As it is I’ll have to be careful with the steak.
  • Chicken spiedies at the Dinosaur/Gianelli tent: I do love these, and should set aside room for one.
  • Dippin’ Dots, because I love them.
  • Fresh cheese curd: if available.
  • Bulk candy tent: Actually I plan to skip it this year. I know, sounds crazy. I do love me some candy during football games, but I always overbuy and honestly this stuff is terrible for me. So screw it, no more candy.
  • Interesting spice blends.
  • Cooking gadgets!
  • The miracle tool I didn’t know I needed but now I absolutely must have.
  • Local honey.

I think that covers the big items. The whole walking issue means I’m not gonna be able to volunteer for the vegetable show check-ins with my mom like we usually do every year, but maybe I can catch up with her the same day.

Meanwhile, in the very short term I’m facing the prospect that I can’t watch TV with lunch tomorrow, because our HDMI switch just died (or at least it’s pining for the fjords and I don’t trust it to plug it back in), and unless I get one with car-side pickup at Walmart tomorrow I don’t see that changing. I don’t have a female-to-female HDMI adapter, either, which would be very handy in the short term. Walking-me would go to Best Buy first thing, but I am not yet walking-me again.

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