Back in the woods (a little)

Rewalkening was going pretty well through most of September and early October, but it hit a snag again recently. About three weeks ago now I noticed pain was starting to return, including that “Holy crap something got hyperextended and now it’s murder to move the foot that way” feeling. I was worried this was going to progress into another full-blown attack where I couldn’t walk, and I finally went to see my doctor. He put me on a new anti-inflammatory that takes some time to build up, and since the very next day my pain was worse, I went back on another short course of prednisone.

Third time’s the charm, right? Well no. While the prednisone helped, it didn’t feel as effective as before. I don’t know if that’s because I was on the edge of something nasty and just avoided going over, or what.

My potassium is back in range, so that’s not the whole answer to this as I was hoping; it might be only part of the answer. I’ve since discovered that low magnesium can also be a problem, also caused by the diuretic I’ve been on (and will hopefully quit a week from now). Low magnesium can also be a cause of low potassium. I’ve had problems with leg cramps for quite some time, much longer than this foot and ankle pain has been going on, and was at best kind of spotty about supplementing magnesium for a long time. When I had my first attack (of this year) back in July, it came with a lot of sudden spasms in my legs and feet, so I made sure to go back on magnesium—but admittedly there were long stretches even since then where I didn’t take it.

From what I’ve discovered since, the magnesium I’ve been taking is crap. It’s magnesium oxide, which is one of the least absorbable forms. Well gosh, that would have been nice to know!

For a while I also thought hypercalcemia was a possibility based on symptoms, but my calcium levels did show up in my blood work and are in range. Magnesium however was not included in the test.

Also on the weird symptom parade: An issue with extremely persistent post-nasal drip or silent reflux came back. Same thing happened in early 2018 before my first foot “sprain”. I have to believe that this, the foot pain, and the low potassium and likely low magnesium, are all tied together somehow. But I have no clue how.

Where do we go from here? Well, I’m still taking the new anti-inflammatory, but it’ll probably take another week to really kick in properly. I just ordered a better magnesium supplement that might help. (Bonus: apparently magnesium can help with anxiety. I’d say I have anxiety only sometimes, but it does happen.) Beyond that it’s all a guessing game, same as ever. But I’m hoping I can make a discovery that will help me sooner rather than later. To that end I think I’ll likely start a food journal soon to see if I can correlate anything in my diet with symptoms.

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