Update and planning ahead for Black Friday

Things have been going pretty well with the whole foot/ankle pain issue. Walking long distances still sucks, so a trip to Wegmans or Walmart can wear me out, but it’s at least doable. I’ve been doing physical therapy, which began with stretches for my Achilles tendons but now also includes some strengthening and balance exercises. My stretches are asymmetrical, focusing different ones more on different legs, because of the two calf muscles that connect to the Achilles, different muscles are tight on different legs.

The new exercises are tiring, but I’ve kept at them. I’m supposed to work up to twice a day but so far have stuck to once. A lot of this is because of the time everything takes and my weird nocturnal schedule, but I do want to get to the point where I’m doing this twice a day.

I won’t be baking pumpkin bread this year; my mom will do all the baking. While I can stand to cook, I’d still prefer to take it easy on my feet and not stress things out unduly. This also means some of the experiments I conceived of over the summer are still on hold as well. Anyway I should be supplied with fresh muffins soon and stocked up for next week when I do my annual parade live blog. (I don’t really know if anyone reads those. But I enjoy writing them, so there’s that.)

In writing, I’m still trying to spin back up on The Pembroke Engine. I’m really happy with everything I wrote so far, but I still need a good idea of where things are going and that hasn’t come to me yet. I think the only solution is to really focus and sit down and hammer stuff out.

That however is harder now because I just had another birthday, and since everyone’s always pressuring me to put more stuff on my wish list once November comes around, I loaded up with a bunch of games I had been meaning to check out. So far I’ve received one such game, a title from a few years ago, and it’s amazing. Incidentally this same game is part of a PS4 bundle coming up for Black Friday, and it’s an insanely good deal: from what I’m seeing, you can get the PS4 and three great games for $200. If you don’t have a PS4 yet, this is your excuse to buy one.

Speaking of Black Friday, the full shopping experience just isn’t gonna happen. I can’t do that much sustained walking. Normally I go out with my mom in the mid-to-late morning and we hit up Macy’s, Best Buy, Barnes & Noble (that one’s not in the mall, because there hasn’t really been a steady bookstore in the mall since my beloved Borders closed) and a few other places. This year we’ll still do Best Buy, but maybe not Macy’s, definitely not much else in the mall, and we’ll probably still check out Barnes & Noble. (The nice thing about my sister being a bibliophile is she often has a decent wish list, and I try to get her shopping done early because if I don’t her husband buys everything else first.)

We have a Lego store now too. If they have Black Friday deals that’s a very very dangerous thing for me.

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