T minus 2(ish)

Since physical therapy ended (provisionally) Thursday I’ve had a few odd twinges. Friday night my second toe on my left foot was killing me, and I think it was because one of the bones in the foot was out of place again—something the therapist caught right away on my first visit. Could be that the exercises I did Thursday inflamed things a bit. Since then I’ve kind of felt like I was on the edge of something worse on and off, but it hasn’t gotten serious and I very much hope it won’t. I suspect the orthopedist was right all along that this is primarily a mechanical issue. So I keep up with my stretches and exercises, although I think I ought to be stretching more often.

It’s crazy to think that Thanksgiving is a little over 48 hours away. As usual I’ll be live-blogging the Macy’s parade because I enjoy doing so—and from time to time I read the old blogs to remember parades past, just for fun.

Sometime soon I need to put the tree up. I have a sneaky thought that maybe I should try to do it tomorrow (Tuesday) because waiting till the weekend is just way too late considering Thanksgiving comes late this year, and besides which the tree-raising ends up eating the weekend somehow. I think I can work that in around my work schedule. Instead of putting on a movie (usually White Christmas, because a lot of it makes for good background viewing) I might just put on some music.

The other day I was reminiscing about some of the Christmases I’ve enjoyed so much in the past, what I really loved about the holiday and the season, and it occurred to me that while the day itself has always been special, it’s really the season that pulls my heartstrings. I think I’ll run through a list of favorite memories and aspects of the season sometime soon, because that’ll be a fun post—and a long one. I have a lot of memories to be grateful for.

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