Runny yolk sauce part 2: the vegan subversion

Back in the summer, when I was first literally knocked off my feet by debilitating pain, I saw a video about pasteurizing egg yolks and turning them into a runny yolk sauce. I thought: that’s way too much work and it’ll never be a good option for me. It only keeps a couple of weeks and you have to store it in the fridge, and heating it up nicely is likely not to work. So I got the idea at that time of using powdered egg yolk instead, only to realize after more research that it wouldn’t work out at all. Powdered yolks can reproduce the properties of egg yolk for baking but they won’t reproduce the flavor I want.

What I really want is a runny egg yolk sauce that I can store for long periods and easily warm up, or mix up from something like a powder in small batches, so I can enjoy it on an as-desired basis.

This is something I care about accomplishing soon, though, because I think it’d be an amazing thing to add to my favorite after-Christmas cube steak sandwich. A fried egg in its entirety would be a bit too much of a mess, plus the added difficulty of trying to get that ready on top of everything else would be too much.

Recently, however, I got an idea. For a while YouTube has been recommending videos by Sauce Stache, a channel where lately he seems to exclusively be doing vegan recipes, and his main shtick lately is making fake foods out of vegan ingredients. In one of those videos he tried to make his own egg replacer to make an omelet, and that’s where inspiration struck: the vegans might have an answer for this that would be acceptable. The thing is, I don’t really care if the egg yolk sauce is actually made of egg yolks; I only care about the flavor and texture, and of course that it’s nice and warm when I apply it. Perhaps I can exploit the vegans for their food science!

I managed to find one link that led me to a vegan sunny-side-up egg, but their yolk recipe was overly complicated and involved extra ingredients like masked potato flakes (WTF?) and also the addition of some egg replacer, which seemed like overkill. The basic formula will obviously include black salt, which supposedly has a very sulfurous eggy flavor, and nutritional yeast which is kind of cheesy and savory. So I kept looking, and last night I found a different recipe for a vegan toast dipping sauce that simulates egg yolk. Not only is that recipe much simpler, but I never even thought about the idea of a toast dipping sauce and now I can’t think of anything else.

As a result, I’ve gone ahead and ordered black salt and nutritional yeast from Amazon. I checked Wegmans first, since I had an errand there today, but I couldn’t find black salt. I know they carry “nooch” but I figured I’d just buy these two main ingredients from Amazon.

Of course I’m going to alter the recipe, which calls for black salt, nutritional yeast, water, corn starch, light-flavored oil, and turmeric. I might actually still need to get some light-tasting oil if I don’t have any handy, since my go-to kitchen fats are butter, bacon grease, margarine (which I don’t usually use for baking, just grilled cheese and a few other things), and occasionally duck fat. Duck fat might actually work here considering I’m trying to simulate a chicken egg, and might give it the right extra oomph of unctuousness, so I might just try that. And in the future if I find this recipe works, I’ll eventually work out how to sub out the corn starch for xanthan gum in case I ever want it low-carb.

But the biggest change of all is that I’m gonna ditch the turmeric in favor of good old-fashioned artificial food coloring, because ‘MURICA! Actually the real reason is that I find the dirt-like flavor of turmeric overly strong. I tried a small amount of the stuff in a “flu bomb” toddy the last time I got sick, and nothing really covered it up. No way am I gonna tinge my fake egg with that crap, when I can use a few drops of yellow food coloring and maybe a little red. And I know the turmeric is only in that recipe for color. I’ll continue to take my turmeric in capsule form instead.

The ingredients I need should arrive Friday, and after that I should have a chance to do a little experiment Sunday. If successful, I see no reason not to save the finished product and use it later in the month because it ought to keep just fine in the fridge if it’s in a sealed container. At least in theory I would expect it to keep awhile. But if it doesn’t, it seems easy to make again.

The great irony is that if this works, not only am I likely to deveganize the recipe with duck fat, but I’ll be using this sauce on a sandwich whose other components are beef, cheese, bacon, more cheese, and mushrooms that were sauteed in butter.

What a time to be alive.

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