What January wants

We’ve come to that weird time of year when my body is in hibernation mode and, despite having some sweets left from Christmas (but not as many as in previous years, thank goodness), I find myself craving other sweets. Specifically, I’m seeking something a bit cakey or cookie-like.

One thing I greatly miss is the classic Keebler fudge sandwich cookie. They stopped making them in the ’90s, then briefly reintroduced them in a more expensive/upscale format (think of the Milano bag) but lacking in the flavor and character of the original. The original cookies had a very nice crumbly texture with a slight salty note that contrasted perfectly with the sweetness of the fudge layer, but the newer version had almost an over-roasted bitterness. Needless to say, when I become a supervillain I will both hold the people responsible for this atrocity to account, and instruct my Ministry of Resurrected Products to get to work bringing back the cookie of old.

In the meantime the main two things I want right now are regular cheapo lemon sandwich cookies, and white cake with white buttercream frosting. I actually requested the latter for my birthday, but ended up with a storebought yellow cake with a raspberry filling—which was still tasty, but did not satisfy my desire for a good white cake, and the icing on storebought cakes is nowhere near as good as homemade.

The main thing holding me back from making such a cake myself is that I’d be the only person in my house eating it. Cake is supposed to freeze beautifully, but for that I’d have to make room in my freezer.

Also you may be wondering: why white cake with white frosting? Isn’t that a little plain? When I was a kid, there was basically no such thing as a buttercream-frosted cake in our house that didn’t involve chocolate: chocolate cake with regular icing, yellow cake with chocolate, or chocolate with chocolate. I love me some chocolate, but one day in college I hit up a bake sale and discovered the absolute magical combination of white cake with white frosting, in a cupcake.

But in the meantime, I’ll settle for lemon sandwich cookies.

This same craving for a cakey texture, not just for the flavors, led me to make pancakes the other night. Ain’t nothin’ quite as wonderful as leftover pancakes; I eat them cold. But also I’ve been drawn to other comfort foods. Such is winter, when our bodies try to convince us to pack on the pounds. And this is another reason I’ve held off on just buying a cake mix, confectioner’s sugar, and the a little bit of shortening I’d need; much as I’d enjoy a good cake, I also want to wait until the little voice crying out for it is much louder. So many times I’ve passed up on junk food or sweets because I knew the little voice wasn’t loud enough, and I think that tiny bit of self-control does wonders.

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