The McDonaldland cookie search continues

The other night I found some new information in my search to copycat the old McDonaldland cookies, and updated my original post accordingly. I also decided to post on the /r/Baking subreddit to see if some helpful users there could chime in and point me to a recipe with a similar ingredient list, as a starting point.

Apparently though, that sub is crap. If you don’t post food porn, nobody cares.

How am I supposed to track down a cookie recipe by ingredients alone? There are millions of cookie recipes, and unless you know the name of the type of cookie, you can’t even narrow it down.

My next thought is maybe hitting up the bargain books section at Barnes & Noble to find a cookie book in the rather large selection of cookbooks, and if I can’t find one there maybe I can find some in with the regular cookbooks. Maybe one of them will have so much variety in cookie recipes that one of them will be similar to what I’m looking for.

The only thing I know to call these cookies is “high-flour”. Based on the stuff I’ve been seeing online, I have a very, very rough guess that the flour-shortening-sugar ratio is 3:1:1, but no idea how much corn syrup should factor in. Other stuff like salt and “natural flavors” I can just guess, and I can take a stab at the baking powder quantity based on other recipes in general. Soy lecithin is also something I’ll have to guess at, but first I’ll have to order some.

But before all that, I really, really want a starting point. Without a stand mixer, baking is a bigger production for me than it might be for other people who play with recipes.

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