Dangerous sunshine

It’s a beautiful sunny day today, but very cold. The sunshine however just hit me with a nasty fit of the spring madness. Which is a problem because as I mentioned it’s cold, but also it’s the tail end of January. There’s a strong temptation to find an excuse to go out and pick up a few things, like bacon. On the other hand, I don’t want to clean the little bit of snow off my car or have to gas up.

Confusing matters is the fact that my ankles and feet have been misbehaving again lately. I think some inflammation got triggered again and it’s throwing me a bit out of whack. I resumed taking potassium supplements, though I won’t know if that’s even necessary until I have blood work done in a few days, and I’m taking a bunch of magnesium to make sure that stays up because I think it got low again. Still keeping up the stretches I’m supposed to do for my Achilles tendon; I think they help but that’s obviously not the whole problem. I’m hoping to get a new prescription soon for the long-term anti-inflammatory that was doing me a lot of good.

Anyway I decided to handle the spring madness by giving in to it, so I’m playing one of my go-to albums for the occasion. Otherwise, though, I don’t know what to do. The hallmark of spring madness is nervous energy that demands to be bled off by getting out of the house and soaking up sun, whether there’s sun or not.

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