Mission Statement

Most supervillains are jerks. They don’t really have an endgame other than absolute power. They don’t take the long view and try to at least build something positive while they’re doing what they do. They kill innocent people left and right, and treat their henchmen like garbage. But I can do better.

My great dream is to become a beloved supervillain who sets the gold standard for all who would follow, big and small, by doing things that will benefit all mankind. I intend to drive the mosquito to extinction, and after that the bedbug, louse, flea, and tick. Hunting spammers for sport will be legalized. Defunct but badly missed products will be returned to store shelves. DVD region codes will be abolished. The use of sirens, horns, and screaming babies in radio commercials will be penalized harshly.

In the meantime I am a computer programmer living in Syracuse, New York, with my wife and a fluctuating number of cats. I sometimes write books. I have been known to build and collect Lego, cook, and most especially rant with abandon.