Are you a fan of Roguelike games, Dungeons & Dragons, or basically any high fantasy? Do you want to see a quest that for once doesn’t involve saving the kingdom from the great ancient evil? This is the story of two men who dreamed all their lives about adventure in the great underground ruins, but were too smart to risk their own lives. A fake map to a legendary treasure changes that, setting in motion a quest that one of them knows will never succeed.

Everyone knows the late wizard Visak left his fortune hidden in the vast underground ruins of the Elder Kingdom, safer than any bank. Brenish, a mediocre highwayman but a brilliant liar, always dreamed of finding riches in the deeps himself. Since his fascination has earned him a reputation as a lore master, he’s the perfect man to sell a forger’s masterpiece: the wizard’s lost treasure map.

His boss Gareth St. James is dangerous to disappoint, and equally obsessed with the ruins. His fury after a botched robbery is abated only by his untimely discovery of the map, forcing Brenish into a desperate bluff that it might be real. But the forger did his job too well, stoking Gareth’s desire and leaving Brenish and the other thieves no choice but to join his quest.

Gareth’s expedition includes his best henchmen, and an extra hostage for insurance against Brenish. In the dark realm of monster-infested tunnels and abandoned cities below, both men need each other’s wits to keep the company alive. But Brenish knows the search for the wizard’s hoard is doomed—and if he can’t divert Gareth before the truth comes out, so is everyone he cares about.

Roguelike fantasy.
Approximately 118,000 words.
Available in Kindle and paperback formats.


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