The Affix

I wrote this book for NaNoWriMo in 2011. The concept was a lot of fun to play with, especially because plausibility wasn’t so much a concern. My goal was a kind of late-night insanity vibe, where the snarky protagonist Matt gets steadily more unhinged the weirder things get. You can read an excerpt or see more on the Amazon page. Currently it’s available as an ebook only, but the second edition and the first print edition are on the way soon.

Matt Kellogg has a few problems standing in the way of his long weekend. His ex-girlfriend is still stalking him. His best friend’s ex needs a place to stay after a break-in. And he’s stuck with a strange gem that glows in the dark, bends the laws of probability into taffy, and cannot be thrown away.

The jewel, known to paranormal folklore only as the Affix, has adopted Matt as its new keeper and in the process put his friends in danger. Protecting them means contending with a ghost-chasing website curator, hard-bargaining crows, and a motley bunch of ruthless collectors and freelancers who each want to acquire the stone for their own ends.

Chaos ensues. Even worse, order ensues. Now that the Affix is awake, increasingly wild coincidences drag friends and relentless foes alike into a deadly spiral with no escape. For Matt, keeping his sanity intact in a world of crackpots is already off the table. The only way to save his friends, and himself, may be to out-crazy them all.

Urban/contemporary/supernatural fantasy with a bit of a madcap thriller vibe. No vampires, I promise.
Approximately 77,000 words / 205 pages. Adult language.
Available for Kindle.
Second Kindle edition and paperback edition coming soon!