One Woke Up

This is my first published novel, and remains dear to me because I feel like I got to know all of the characters like old friends. I don’t really like apocalyptic fiction, so this zombie story has a distinctly positive tone where civilization endures and is rebuilding. One of the victims of the plague recovers enough to feel like a person again, and tries to find his place. This book is available as an ebook or paperback.

The short-lived outbreak of an artificial pathogen left millions dead, but civilization endures and rebuilds by day. By night, millions infected around the globe wreak havoc in their violent psychosis, sometimes swarming in thick mobs. Between both worlds is Parker, inexplicably restored to sanity and desperate to fit in among those who would shoot him on sight if they knew what he really was.

Parker struggles to build a new life, and reclaim the lost fragments of his identity, among other survivors who take him for just another lost soul. He alone recognizes the danger posed by strange symbols showing up around the city, whose meaning only the infected know. His explanation for possessing that knowledge strains his cover story to the breaking point, and risks blowing up into a legend. And as a legend, under the inquisitive eyes of his neighbors, SecForce, and even the reviled Engineers of the infection itself, his secret can’t stay safe for very long.

Science fiction, post-apocalyptic but in an upbeat way.
Approximately 143,000 words / 380 pages.
Available in Kindle and paperback formats.