The Well of Moments (Paranormal Curio book 2)

Six years after writing The Affix for NaNoWriMo 2011, I came back to try the event again. Something about NaNoWriMo fits an Affix-like book, and I had an idea in mind for some time to write a sequel around Jasmine Treager. As a result, what began as a standalone book is now the start of a series. The Well of Moments brings back a number of characters and artifacts from the first book, with a different perspective on this world of the weird.

Freelance art broker Jasmine Treager specializes in pieces so rare, most people don’t know they exist. Three years after a nasty brush with the supernatural, she prefers to keep the world of crackpots and true believers at arm’s length—her boyfriend and his brother among the few exceptions. But now the reemergence of a runed stone pot, whose interior may have more than three dimensions, commands a price high enough to pull her back down the rabbit hole.

The job takes her to a college town infested by trendsetters, football tourists, and heavy snow. Obtaining the object is easy; to keep it she needs help from a paranormal enthusiast whose data mining skills can alert her to trouble. Collectors of the strange and competing dealers as dangerous as Jasmine herself are on the hunt, along with a smarmy assassin who thinks she had a hand in the disappearance of his brother.

But mythical Things are capricious, and the pot has a power to pull Jasmine directly into tragedies from her past. Its companion piece in the hands of a one-time colleague is reputedly far worse. Both have a connection to the fate-twisting artifact she walked away from three years ago—and the ongoing collisions of bizarre events prove it isn’t done with her yet.

The Well of Moments is the second book in the Paranormal Curio series, which began with The Affix.

Urban/contemporary/supernatural fantasy with a bit of a madcap thriller vibe. No vampires, I promise.
Approximately 90,000 words. Adult language.
Available for Kindle and paperback.